I had been considering having a dental makeover for some time. I knew of Dr. Maisy Ibrahim's work with cosmetic dentistry and made an appointment.

Words such as excellent, extraordinary, sensitive, considerate, and genuinely caring are not words that spring to mind when I think of my past dental experiences. However, after the extensive dental work I had done by Dr. Maisy Ibrahim, these words represent an understatement.

There is something very comforting in being treated well, and in being inspired to have total confidence in the person treating you. I could not be happier with the work that I had done by Dr. Ibrahim. She also has a great staff.

Peggy G.

The moment of our return to Germany is approaching fast. My wife, Elena, and I would like to take this opportunity and express our profound thanks for the quality care, comfort, and convenience that you and your practice have provided us during the past few months. We think that choosing you as our dental care provider in the desert was the best choice we have made in quite some time. From the moment we entered your practice until the moment you completed treatment we were comfortable and relaxed while receiving an optimum of dental care. You turned out to be a dentist who listens and responds, who counsels on the best way to maintain and improve the health of our teeth. The results have been fantastic, but I would like to single out one of them: your competent work has enhanced the natural beauty of Elena's smile.

Thank you! See you this coming fall.

Roman and Elena Traycey

A lifetime of bad dental experiences and improper dental technique had left me apprehensive and fearful of my dental care and visits. To the point that a dental fracture had occurred, leaving me with no other recourse than to pursue a dental visit. On the guidance and recommendation of a trusted and dear friend(cardiac surgical nurse at Eisenhower medical) was I introduced to Dr Masiy Ibrahim and her practice.

I was treated with care, respect and comfort throughout the entire procedure. My dental fears where instantly laid to rest and I instantly knew that a healthy dental future embraced me. Dr. Ibrahim and her entire staff have provided an environment in which I feel part of a dental family, if not a friendship. With my highest regards do I recommend Dr. Ibrahim

Shirley A. Hoffman

Dr. Ibrahim and her staff at the Desert Dental Spa are wonderful! The decor, atmosphere and reception of the office are tranquil and welcoming. Not enough can be said of the doctor's genuine care and concern that each and every one of her patients are comfortable and at ease. She has the utmost knowledge of the latest and best dental services and never hesitates to offer and explain these options to her patients. The dental assistants are very professional, thorough, and each, in and of themselves, possess wonderful “bedside” manners. It is delightful to have a dentist and team that you can truly look forward to seeing.

Patricia A, Wilcox, Personal Chef

Although I wore braces for three years as a teenager, I no longer had a smile of which I was proud. One day, when I sucked my lip in between my two front teeth — and it stayed there! — I knew I had to do something. I went to see Dr. Maisy Ibrahim. Dr. Ibrahim noticed that when I smile, I show my tonsils. She also noticed I wasn't doing much smiling. So she promised me that, together, we would get back my beautiful smile.

In addition to the cosmetic flaws, my teeth had also been neglected for many years. Dr. Ibrahim performed a full work up, and we began to tackle my many dental issues. Each step of the way, Dr. Ibrahim has consulted with me, explaining every minute detail, patiently listening to my concerns. She has always been warmly gracious and never too busy to allay my fears.

The staff at Desert Dental Spa was exceptional. When I entered the exquisite lobby, I was greeted by name. The atmosphere was relaxing and soothing. The dental assistants were efficiently professional, yet genuinely concerned for my comfort. I never heard the drone of the drill in the next chair, or screams of pain. I was repeatedly asked if I was experiencing any discomfort. Dr. Ibrahim has the gentlest hands, but she should never be underestimated. She is well-versed in all the latest dental technologies. She is competent and confident in her considerable ability. She has taken my poor mouth, with its periodontal disease and many cosmetic flaws, and given me something incredible.

Now I have a blindingly beautiful smile, on which I receive many, many compliments! More than that, however, Dr. Maisy Ibrahim has helped restore my confidence and love of life.

L.M. Constant
Small Business Owner
Indio, CA

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